TORNADO PLUS bale nets are popularly used for the wrapping of round or square straw or hay bales due to their various benefits. For instance, the usage of bale netting can help in increasing productivity, reduce crop losses, and ease transport.

Advantages of Tornado plus baling nets

● Widely applicable

● Protection from weather influences

● Antistatic

● 3 to 4 turns to form a firm bale

● Warning line that the end of the package (last 50 m)

● Guaranteed declared length (+5%)

● Quality control

● Traceability control for each roll (control number)

● UV stabilization

● Exceptional overlap and production of even bales

● Possibility of recycling

● Edge-to-edge technology



We also offer the new-to-the-market, SILO NET, which is environmentally friendly and affordable. It is suitable for silage and has all the characteristics of conventional nets. The bale must be wrapped in Agro-stretch foil within 48 hours. Comes in 3000m (length) and 1.23m or 1.25m (width).


TORNADO PLUS is proud to offer products from COTESI, a popular brand known for its high-quality and durability, in addition to our own line of agricultural products. Cotesi´s “Quality Management System” is certified by APCER – Portuguese Association of Certification, including design, development and production of wires, ropes, nets and nautical cables, using synthetic and natural raw materials. The same applies to other industries and natural packaging materials. The company fulfills the requirements of and is certified NP EN ISO 9001:2015.