Construction Foils

TORNADO PLUS Construction Foils made of high-quality polyethylene are produced using an environment-friendly technology with recycled material. TORNADO PLUS makes LDPE mono-foils from LDPE recycled material. There are half-sleeves, sleeves, and sleeves in different sizes (1 to 4m), thicknesses (0-50 mm), and colors (black, colored, and transparent). You can use the foil as a vapor barrier or as a layer of insulation between different materials. TORNADO PLUS Construction Foils comply with all environmental standards. It can be used for construction and in everyday life.

Advantages of Fabrics and scaffolding nets for facade protection

● Due to the UV resistance, it can be used for many years
● Effective protection of the surroundings of the construction site
● Light-weight
● quick and easy application and storage
● Nets are robust, resistant to humidity, bases and acids
● Aesthetic effect
● Possibility of advertising
● Recyclable and created under environmentally friendly processes


We offer nets of various dimensions and thickness with the possibility of printing your own design, and UV stabilization.