TORNADO PLUS's premium nets & foil are designed to protect your silage from the weather elements. They also preserve the quality and longevity of your crops. TORNADO PLUS is the silage preservation expert.

Advantages of Tornado plus nets for silage protection

● High resistance to hail, birds, dogs & cattle
● They withstand a man walking on the surface – high breaking strength
● Specially designed seams and edges – high resistance
● Easy and quick to use
● Long lasting (10 years and more)
● Suitable for use in windy areas
● The use of tires and sand is not necessary
● Resistance to rot, mold, decay



Advantages of vacuum foil and foil for covering silage

● Exceptional gas retention
● Highest breaking strength
● Optimum adhesion of silage
● UV resistant
● Long lasting
● Waterproof
● Weather resistant
● Affordable



In addition TORNADO PLUS offers bags for pressing the silage. The combination of state-of-the-art weaving technology and continuous control in all stages of production is a guarantee of the highest tensile strength and UV stability and, consequently, the long life of our bags. The bags are made exclusively from the highest quality (100% virgin) HD polyethylene. Appropriate positioning of the bags (every 5 m across) will effectively fix the silage cover and also press the silage mixture. The support sleeves will effectively secure the bags.

Advantages of the TORNADO PLUS bags for pressing the silage

● Highest breaking strength
● UV resistant
● Long lasting
● Wide contact surface