Twines, cords and ropes made of natural fibers

Experience the strength and durability of natural fibers with TORNADO PLUS's high-quality twines, cords, and ropes, made from the finest materials, to provide you with the best solution for all your binding and packaging needs in an Eco-friendly way.

Advantages of Twines, cords and ropes made of natural fibers

● Ease of use

● Widely applicable

● Great strength and durability

● Little wear

● Good adaptation

● High accuracy and efficiency

● Made of natural, environmentally friendly materials




The standard product range includes ropes with a thickness of 3 to 25 mm, endless ropes, hay ropes with a thickness of 10 mm (length 6,8,10 and 12m), pulling ropes and ropes for gym equipment, extrapolated ropes 1.1'5, 2.2'5 and 3mm, mason's and carpenter's ropes, rifle cleaning ropes and various rope products such as leashes and harnesses, ladder nets, and swings. SISAL bio binder which is strong, durable and has excellent stretching ability. Binder for vineyards are made from natural JUTE fibers.